Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good Day to Start a Blog

Well, finally a day has come for me too to get on a band wagon of blogging. Why blog, why me , why now? It is that as a Java professional working an living many of the ups and downs of the IT industry during the course of my professional career, I have many thoughts that I discuss with my fellow co-workers and other people in the industry that think alike. This blog is to continue the same, but for a wider audience. General topics that will be discussed here range from , to somewhat vague topics such as:
  • Very technical HOW TOs
  • Various architectural approaches - pros/cons
  • Efficiency of a development process
  • How to create a winning team
  • What does it mean to create architecture
  • Future directions of IT in the world of constantly changing technologies
  • How to survive in constantly globalized economy
  • anything else that comes to mind and has any relevancy to the topics above
The real reason that I'm starting this Blog, is that I'd like to discuss these topics, potentially get comments from other people who ask themselves the same questions, and generally exchange ideas.

You might ask: "Why another blog on the same? Isn't it enough out there that is printed in magazines, published on the Internet, etc". Well, maybe, but a lot this kind of information is scattered out there and sometimes too formal (especially the enterprise architecture stuff). What I want to discuss here are simple practical approaches for getting things done.

A couple of words about me. I came into the world of software from electrical engineering. Actually I enjoyed this profession, but somehow (unbeknownst to myself), gradually moved into the world of software in the early 90s. I started to work in Java when the JDK could fit on the floppy disk, and have gone through many phases in my professional career, from consulting to Enterprise Architecture, to software development management, back to architecture consulting. I have also been teaching various Java related topics at the DePaul IPD for the last eight - nine years.

So, please do not hesitate to comment on any of my postings.

Have fun :)