Thursday, April 14, 2011

An easier GWT starter project

GWT is a powerful technology for Rich Internet Applications (RIA), hands down more powerful than anything else I know that can produce quality JavaScript. It comes with a simple script to generate new projects called webAppCreator. You would think that this will create a simple project structure you can then enhance and call your own, right? Kinda...

The product of this script is a working application with a server round trip that shows the power and simplicity of GWT RPC. Unfortunately, this project is chock full of comments and unnecessary code so much, that it is hard to see trees behind forest! I cleaned this many times to figure out simple things, but this time decided to drop it into the blogo-sphere so that other people could benefit as well.

I was able to reduce the amount of code to about 1/4th of the original, leaving the same functionality in place.

Here is the link:

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